Film: Heathers (1988)
Most recent project: Lehmann is currently enjoying an illustrious career as a television director, having directed for Bored To Death and True Blood to name a couple.

Five years after Risky Business shook up the conventions of the teen movie, Michael Lehmann brought his own tnt to the operation in 1988 with Heathers. The story centers around a plain girl who wants to infiltrate her high school's upper crust where the popular clique of girls, all named Heather, reign as the queens. A rebellious loner named J.D. (Christian Slater) notices her and soon takes it upon himself to propel her into what she so cautiously desires, thrusting her into a world of rapid, uncontrollable escalation that she was not prepared for. And neither are you.

Lehmann has directed a few other feature-length films, but none remotely close to the cultural impact of Heathers. He has also shown impressive reserve in resisting that tiny Armani-suited devil on his shoulder, constantly whispering in his ear that he should make a sequel.