Film: City of God (2002)
Most recent project: Meirelles has several projects in the works till 2016, including a couple documentaries currently in production. Katia Lund has directed episodes for documentary television series Carminhos in 2012

It's hard to believe that it's already been more than a decade since Brazilian filmmakers Fernando Meirelles and Katia Lund collaborated to co-direct City of God, a film that instantly earned classic status the second the credits ran, the lights went on in the theater, and not a body stirred. Based on a novel of the same name (also recognized as an iconic signature of Brazilian literature) by Paulo Lins, revolves around the story of three friends growing up in the favelas of Brazil around swarming with gangsters and small-time criminals. The violence and adolescent romance are all rendered beautifully and the sounds of the favelas are lucid and authentic. Though its a lengthy film, clocking in at round 135 minutes, you'll get the urge to start back at the beginning.

Mereilles would go on to keep very busy in the feature film business, though we'll whistle and look away whenever Blindness is brought up. We know some would like to argue Mereille's second feature The Constant Gardener was great. Rewatch it again, and when you've woken from your nap, you can try to make your argument again.

Katia Lund would produce a show City of Men based off the film which became very popular in Brazil. She also contributed to the All the Invisible Children documentary series in 2005.