Film: The Blair Witch Project (1999)
Most recent project: The Myrick/Sanchez directing team never worked together again on another major project, instead making their own paths in recent years. Myrick has recently struck a deal with the Radar Pictures studio to make a thriller/horror filmed named Under the Bed. Sanchez has been a bit more active in the intervening years, most recently in post-production with a Bigfoot horror film titled Exists with a 2014 release date.

Your mind already went to green-tinted actors with runny noses breathing heavily into the camera and made your excuses to not go hiking with your friends look downright legitimate. All you have to do to be left in peace with your mega-size of Cheetos, your couch, and your big screen TV is to mention one title: The Blair Witch Project. 

It is weird to consider, but directors Daniel Myricks and Eduardo Sanchez's The Blair Witch Project is an imporant part of film history. It's return on investment numbers were incredible. It made over $350 million off a budget of less than $30 thousand. They are the godfathers of the found footage style (which added the is-this-real horror to their movie) that has since been bludgeoned to the point of dullness today.

Myricks and Sanchez have not been co-directors since, but they have some appealing projects coming up that may be worth a look.