Film: The Strangers (2008)
Most recent project: Bertino's next project is  allegedly a Sam Raimi-produced thriller titled This Man

Made on a budget just under $10 million, Bryan Bertino's terrifying movie The Strangers, would, by the end of its theatrical run, rack up more than $80 million worldwide. The plot details the account a trio of masked invaders who break into a couple's house and begin to terrorize them and proceed to violently cut off all their routes of escape in escalatingly creative ways. It's also supposedly based on a true story, so you might want to dust off that Matman nightlight from the attic. We'll understand, you got to do what you got to do. 

Bertino has been relatively quiet since The Strangers. Strangely, it has already been five years since his debut made people sprint to the mailbox theaters, we'll be there.