Here is the most unnecessary sequel you'll hear about all day. According to Vulture, someone with a shortage of ideas decided that Olympus Has Fallen absolutely needed a sequel, so it's happening: Everyone, get ready for London Has Fallen. Yes, that is the real name, and they're stickin' to it.

No word on what outside forces will be invading London, but it has been confirmed that the film's original cast—Gerard ButlerAaron Eckhart, Morgan Freeman, and Angela Bassett—will be saving the day once again, and according to the A.V. Club, will be attending "the funeral of the British Prime Minister, only to be called upon to thwart another terrorist attack on the entire city of London, the White House of England." Not just Buckingham Palace, or just the Palace of Westminster—the entire city of London

Since White House Down was the other big White House-invasion movie of this year, does this mean we're in for a sequel to that set across the pond as well? The Entire City of London Down? We'll work on it.

[via Vulture]