Even though the official “Oktoberfest” draws to a close this weekend, it’s not too late to impress your friends with your beer knowledge! Fest beers and Märzens are flowing throughout the month of October, so now’s the best time to hone your knowledge of the world’s largest drinking festival and the beers they serve in Bavaria. Jimmy Carbone (owner of Jimmy's No. 43 and host of Beer Sessions Radio on Heritage Radio Network) and some of his beer industry friends helped put together a “best of show” of interesting and sometimes colorful facts about the annual rite of fall drinking.

We’ve put together a Letterman-esque “Top Ten” list, a German beer drinker’s primer of sorts. So study up! Not only will you sound like a beer expert as you go out to hoist a stein or two this Oktoberfest, you’ll also know the best beers to put into that stein... and maybe learn a thing or two about lederhosen along the way.