If you needed motivation to get your move on, Nike is bringing it to you in three different colors.
At an event in NYC today, the company revealed the Fuelband SE, the follow up to the original Fuelband fitness tracker released back in 2012. Though the design and functionality of the hardware is practically the same, the brain got a little smarter at making sure you don't try to out smart it: the SE will only give you credit for deliberate movements and not movements while you're idle. It also traces more of your movements with an improved app that tracks you every hour of the day—yes, that means it can even keep track of how you sleep. It's about giving you more data for everything you do so you can efficiently catalog and meet your goals. "We can use movement as a tool and medicine to improve health," said Dr. David Agus at the today's event. "The more you move the longer you live."
For a world that is always connected to its digital counterpart, Nike included a feature that lets users connect their Fuelband to their phones using Bluetooth, which helps users stay connected to the ever growing community of NikeFuel—and use the competition between themselves as fuel to complete their goals. By staying connected to friends and the community, they can share fuel points and push friends along. 
The Fuelband SE will be ready to go in stores come November 6 for $149 a piece—and yes, you'll be able to choose from the original black body or three new new colors: Volt, Pink Foil or Total Crimson. Fancy names for yellow-green, pink and red-orange.