We here at the Complex are big Strider fans. Huge!

So we’re happy to report that the new Strider we played at Comic-Con NY is everything we could want in a sequel (Reboot? Retelling?) and more. The demo had us running, slicing, sliding, and shooting off orbs just as we used to do back in the old arcade and Genesis days. But this world of Strider is a lot darker than the original, and even darker than the one seen in Strider 2 a few years back as well.

You’ve undoubtedly seen footage of everyone’s favorite ninja in purple running through a factory and fighting off a giant, metallic dragon. But we were a bit skeptical from some of the early footage we were seeing. Sure, it looked like Strider, but did it feel like it? Given that it wasn’t being made exclusively by Capcom (Double Helix Games is mainly working on it), we didn’t know what to expect. But we’re happy to say that it does in fact feel like Strider, and we’re looking forward to playing the full game later in 2014. Faith has been restored.

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