Good news, future PS4 owners: you get first dibs on upcoming DLC for both the new Assassin’s Creed installment Black Flag and Watch Dogs. The news comes from a recently release sizzle reel trailer (seen here) for Sony’s new console, from which you can clearly see (well, ok, if you look hard) both game is listed as having 60 minutes of exclusive gameplay on PS4. For six months, that is.

The nearly-released current-gen version of Black Flag boasts “exclusive content on Playstation” on its box, although if this news out of Ubisoft and Sony is any indication, that may be indeed be a misleading notion. While Assassin’s Creed has had exclusive PlayStation content in the past, this slight (if perhaps important) change could mean that Ubisoft and Sony are possibly in bed with each other the same way that Microsoft and Activision have been for timed-exclusive Call of Duty DLC over the past console generation.

Does this mean that the (lopsidedly) idyllic period of true Ubi exclusivity on Sony consoles is over? Or perhaps they’ll be even tighter because of that whole timed exclusive deal (if that’s happening)? Oh, the drama!

Via Eurogamer

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