Just when you think that maybe, just maybe the team at Oculus might finally be ready to unleash their crazy virtual reality headset on the world, more revisions and tweaks are announced.

Next up on the docket in the wake of HD displays (which I can vouch for is pretty @#$*ing incredible, to be fair) is adding 4K support to make the already-blistering visuals really pop.

Speaking to Polygon at a tech conference in San Francisco, Oculus CEO Brendan Iribe said that 4K resolution support is just one of several tweaks they company is working towards in the future, also mentioning taking care of motion-sickness problems as well as using the headset to display 2D IMAX-esque video for use in next-gen consoles.

The consumer model of the Oculus Rift doesn’t yet have release date aside from sometime next year, despite Kickstarter backers having already received SD Rift dev kits. With the rate the company’s iterating the device, an Apple-style plan of new Rifts doesn’t seem out of the question when the public finally gets its hands on it.

Via Polygon