Check out Nether the new survival horror first-person shooter that smacks of the fun and intensity of Left 4 Dead while having the crafting and teamwork requirements of Day Z.

Nether is available for pre-order now ahead of its October 31 release. Gamers who pre-order will receive a 72-hour guest keys for their friends as well as other in-game goodies.

The game focuses around surviving the aftermath of an urban apocalypse. The game includes an unforgiving environment of concrete jungles and multi-level skyscrapers that players will need to scour to obtain food, weapons, and the resources necessary to survive. Nether has a system of world goals, meaning you can go at them alone or trust bands of roving players that could backstab you at any time.

Nether is set to drop on Halloween, October 31. Check out the Nether site for pre-order info.

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