Netflix has admitted a few times in the past that HBO is one if their main competitors. Now, it seems, the company may have surpassed HBO in one very important category: paid subscribers.

Bloomberg is reporting that Netflix could announce that they have passed the 31 million mark for US subscribers, which would put it ahead by almost 3 million to HBO's 28.7 million subscribers. If they already haven't reached that mark, they could do so by the end of the year, but Netflix is expected to release their earnings and subscriber numbers by the end of the day, so we'll know soon. Netflix CCO Ted Sarandos once said, "The goal is to become HBO faster than HBO can become us," and it seems, for what it's worth, they're just a few more Emmys away from doing that, if they really have succeeded in surpassing HBOs subscriber numbers. Largely because of House of Cards, Netflix's reputation as a serious original programming company has taken off, and they're pushing hard to get more original programming coming. New reports are even saying that Netflix is looking into some deals with cable companies like Comcast to get the service offered straight from their boxes. HBO, on the other hand, is looking to expand its streaming service, HBO GO, through Google Play.

Score one for the new school. HBO, your move.

[via Bloomberg]

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