2K Sports has always pushed the envelope when trying to provide the most realistic basketball experience for gamers. NBA 2K14 brings that experience to fruition, down to every miniscule detail.

From pre-game routines to three point celebrations, 2K has been adding intricate features year after year to make enhance the experience and bring you closer to your favorite superstars.

This year is no different for the team at 2K. Several weeks after it's launch, gamers are now catching all the minor details of NBA 2K14, and how they've captured that essence of awkwardness that many NBA players seem to possess.

Taking a page from the book of Kevin Love and Wesley Johnson, NBA 2K14 added the dreaded missed handshake into the game. A common mishap in the NBA world, the addition of such gawky moments gives the game a more authentic feel as these awkward interactions occur much more often then many players would like to admit.

JaVale McGee should watch his step this season, as last year he cemented his role as poster boy for idiotic NBA moments, and could give 2K Sports plenty of ammunition to add for next year.

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[Via: Reddit]

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