MySpace is slowly rising from the dead—but we can't tell if it's alive just yet, or just in zombie mode.

The social network has announced that it added 12 million new users to the network since its January relaunch, hitting 36 million from the 24 million it had nine months ago. But it hit the 31 million "milestone" just after the beta period ended, meaning growth has slowed down, but hasn't come to a stand still. The company isn't trying to get people to sign-up just to look at other people's profiles, though—MySpace has been steadily working to get original content up, like CRWN and Live At The Log Cabin. I, for one, signed up during that beta period. And though I was excited at the new look and feel for the site, it just felt... lonely. I only had one other close friend on there, and it just became a back and forth between he and I. Then, "the randoms" would add me to their connections without ever leaving a comment to start a convo. Yeah, the music can keeps things lively, but without people—and not just people, but friends—the place didn't have enough to keep me coming back. But this announcement is good news for the social network, because it shows it is connecting with a certain group of people—whether that's just artists and musicians right now—and with social networks, "more the merrier" couldn't be more true. Hey, even at the biggest parties, people don't start showing up until late into the night. Maybe the MySpace party is just getting started. 

[viaThe Next Web]

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