She didn't know what she was getting herself into. 

A mother who volunteered to chaperone a homecoming dance at Springdale Junior/Senior High School in Springdale, Pa. went full Nancy Reagan, apparently incensed by the wealth of rap music that the DJ insisted on playing. According to court documents, she chased the female student who booked the DJ into a bathroom and went '88 Mike Tyson on her. 

The woman was eventually arrested and charged with simple assault. The Allegheny School District released a statement saying that it was taking the situation "very seriously," but is still waiting on the investigation's outcome before offering further comment on the incident. However, they did add that the school district will "review practices for parent-sponsored and school-sponsored events" moving forward.

Here's some advice: ban certain parents from being chaperones before you ban rap music, because banning one doesn't make any more sense than banning the other. The school doesn't need anybody's mom to play the hip-hop police.

That is all.

[via Gawker]