We all possess things that we want to preserve--items or collections that are deeply personal to us, and which we are drawn to for reasons we may not even be able to pinpoint. The value of these objects may be monetary or sentimental or both. But whatever the basis, there is no doubting their importance to us and who wouldn't want a little help protecting them.

In this new video presented by State Farm, radio personality Miss Info discusses some of the unique items she likes to collect and how to keep them safe. These range from the more standard, like books and magazines, to the more obscure, like original prints of an early 20th century animated newspaper series. And while her collecting is rooted in personal connection rather than potential profit, their preservation is crucial to her. She gives us some insight into the steps she takes to frame things (quite literally) in the best light for longevity.

Check out the video above for Miss Info's tips on preserving one's prized possessions.