It must've been the novelty of owning the smallest town in the U.S. that prompted Pham Dinh Nguyen to buy it. The Vietnamese coffee importer recently purchased Buford, Wyo. for $900,000 at an auction. Don Simmons, the previous owner and lone resident, made Burford a tourist attraction along Highway 80, but ultimately decided to sell it.

After learning the town was for sale via the Internet, Nguyen traveled to Wyoming to bid on it. He hopes to use its semi-fame to expand his coffee business to the States. That's his American dream. 

Simmons purchased Buford for $155,000 back in 1992. He says he's written a book titled Buford One: The True Story of How One Man Built a Town and Sold it to the World about his experience being it's lone resident and owner, which should be avalble on Amazon in November.

[via New York Post]

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