The Los Santos Police Department (LSPD) was waiting for you. There is no doubt; it was a setup. The fine officers of the LSPD have been honing their skills shooting loiters and beating the crap out of traffic accident victims waiting for you to be dropped into the world of Grand Theft Auto V. The LSPD is a huge step up from its GTA counterparts of previous games. More aggressive, heavily armed, and outfitted with special forces-like fast roping drop troops and new aggressive combat car techniques that make the private military look like sissies.

So how does a police force that loses hundreds of officers per hour able to maintain its ranks? The prestige of being an LSPD officer hasn’t gotten old, so there is no shortage of crooked Los Santos residents who want to become the lesser of the cities many evils. Oh, and the have Bigfoot on their seal, that’s pretty rad too.

We take a look at the often miss-labeled and never appreciated men and women of the virtual blue line that make up the Los Santos Police Department. The unsung heroes of a hundred downed helicopters and a thousand sticky-bomb exploded cruisers. Just don’t hang around too long reading, loiters are strictly dealt with.

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