LG has just fired some Matrix styled curved bullets at Samsung. In the form of a curved smartphone, that is.

The company unveiled the G Flex, a curved smartphone with a 720p OLED display. Samsung unveiled the Galaxy Round, which curves from side to side, a few weeks ago. The G Flex differs in that it curves from top to bottom, which one might think would work well if you want to keep it in your back pocket, and will probably feel a little bit more comfortable against your face. So that's cool and all, but a curved display will only keep you interested for so long until the gimmick wears off. But what about a feature that you'll be thankful to have no matter what? LG says that they've included a special "self-healing" coating that will repair hairline scratches on the phone's backplate. The coating will be able to repair the scratches "within minutes," but that's something we'll have to test out for ourselves. (Fingers crossed that this is true, though.) 

On the inside, the phone will be powered by a Snapdragon 800 processor, come with 2GB of RAM, and will have a 13MP camera placed above the two control buttons on its back, as you can see in the picture above. No news on when the phone will be released, but we'd love to play with this thing soon. 

[via Engadget]