All of glitz, glamour and aesthetic beauty of the Los Angeles-Long Beach-Santa Ana area is hampered by the fact that it has the worst roads in the country. According to a study by the National Transit Research Group, TRIP, 64 percent of the city's major roads are in poor condition, which has forced drivers to spend an average of $832 annually to maintenance.

What's more, there's no improvement in sight. Transportation California Executive Director Will Kempton told CBS Los Angeles that things will most likely get worse when federal funding for local highways is slashed next October. "Without a significant boost in transportation funding at the federal, state and local level, conditions will continue to deteriorate, drivers will continue to pay the price, and our economy will suffer," he explained.

The study revealed that California roads are not kind to drivers: San Diego was ranked fifth with an average of $758 worth of additional vehicle costs (repairs) and Riverside-San Bernadino 13th with $638.

[via LAist and CBS Los Angeles]

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