It's been two days since Kris Jenner and Bruce Jenner announced their split and initiated Kardashian Krisis 2.0 (the first, of course, being Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom's marital woes), so how are they faring now? Kris is already on damage control mode, telling People mag that the two are "just happier now" living apart, but, according to a former nanny to the family named Pat Behan, that isn't totally the case—and the two may have never even been in love in the first place.

Luckily for us all, VH1 has the lowdown on exactly what she's saying, in addition to reports that Kris orchestrated the whole break-up herself for more publicity, and that she's already dating someone new who was once a contestant on The Bachelor. Sure, it's all gossip, but hey, it's a Thursday afternoon—you deserve some mindless entertainment, and who better than the Kardashians for that? The answer is one, so hit up the link below.

Jenner Separation Day 1: A Former Nanny Spills, What’s Making It On TV, And Kris’ New Man

[via VH1]