As anticipation continues to build for MGSV, Metal Gear series creator Hideo Kojima wants to remind players that the “open world” shouldn’t be treated as something like, say GTA. Speaking to Famitsu Weekly in a recent interview, Kojima said he wants players to consider the more “tactical” element of the game’s famous tactical espionage.

Since MGSV is the first time the series has gone open world – incidentally the reason that Ground Zeroes is being included in the whole mysteriously multifaceted package that MGSV is gearing up to be – players need to think about how they approach any given situation in both planning and equipment as well as execution.

“A lot of people seem to misunderstand when I use the term ‘open world’,” Kojima told Famitsu. “This is not a game where Snake spends a day fishing or changes jobs and leads a different life… the field is open world and you are free to do what you want, but your object is clear cut.”

Instead, Kojima said he wants players to spend more time studying maps, patrol routes and the like while prepping equipment for whatever the next mission is. Sounds pretty Metal Gear-ish to me.

In other words, you probably shouldn’t expect Snake to hijack any 18 wheelers and tear chaotically through the desert landscape of Afghanistan (and wherever else the game takes place). No problems there. Just finish it already, Kojima!

Via Kotaku