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Just days after the news that 24's limited return event—subtitled Live Another Day—will shoot on location in London, it's now been revealed that two more former series regulars will appear during the twelve episode run. Kim Raver and William Devane are set to reprise their roles as Audrey Raines and Secretary of Defense James Heller, two characters who haven't appeared on the show since Day 6's season finale.

Fans will remember Jack Bauer briefly worked for Heller, where he met and fell in love with his daughter, Audrey. Their relationship was probably the best of Bauer's romances on the series (Teri was only around for one season and they spent most of those episodes apart; Renee just did not work at all), but their last interaction saw Audrey mentally damaged from years of captivity and Heller gently ordering Jack to stay away from her.

With Live Another Day picking up a few years after the series finale, is it possible Audrey's condition improved and she's there to be Jack's light at the end of the tunnel again? It might be more exciting if she and her father are in danger instead, one of the series' best arcs featured their kidnapping, with Jack rushing to prevent Heller's live execution. Either way, we can't wait. Live Another Day will run on FOX during spring 2014. The only other confirmed main cast member returning is Mary Lynn Rajskub as trusty sidekick Chloe O'Brian.

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