On September 25, 2010, pop star Katy Perry changed eyeballs forever. Poking fun at her attention-grabbing bosoms, which upset jealous, humorless parents and got her duet with Elmo removed from an episode of Sesame Street, the Saturday Night Live musical guest appeared in a sketch as a recently "developed" girl wearing a tight-fitting Elmo shirt tailored to accentuate her cleavage. And then she bounced. Man, did she bounce. The sensational footage naturally transformed into gifs and slow-motion video odes to Perry's fun breast-liciousness. Despite subsequently hosting SNL, on December 10, 2011, the "Elmo Bounce" is still her defining moment on the show.

Tonight, Perry returns to SNL as the musical guest for host Bruce Willis. Is it possible for her to eclipse that magical moment when childhood met chest (again)? We think so. There's no guarantee that she'll take our advice, but these are five ways Katy Perry can outdo her infamous Elmo boobies bounce on Saturday Night Live.

Written by Justin Monroe (@40yardsplash)

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