During a press conference in Mexico City yesterday, a journalist asked Gravity director Alfonso Cuarón what is either the most ridiculous or most awesome question ever: What was it like to film Gravity in space? 

Ridiculous, or awesome? Awesome. Without a doubt.

If you know Spanish, you can check out the question and Cuarón's great response above—for everyone else, here's a translation of the moment, courtesy of Uproxx:

“Was it very difficult, very complicated to film in space? Did the camera operators get sick?”

Cuarón: “Well, yes, we took some cameras there aboard the Soyuz. We were in space for three-and-a-half months. I got really sick during training.”

For those of you skeptical at this point that a grown man would be able to somehow make it through journalism school then get a real job at a publication reputable enough to send its reporter to a press conference with Alfonso Cuarón without actually knowing that space movies aren't really filmed in space—you might be right.

As Uproxx points out, the man asking the question is Carlos “El Capi” Perez, a correspondant for a comedy show called Deberían Estar Trabajando. Apparently, after the question went viral, Perez responded with the following on his Twitter: "Excuse me Twitter for being a professional committed to information..."

It's still awesome, though.

[via Uproxx]