Craigslist is an effective business tool, as people use it as meeting place for the exchange of goods and services. Golden Valley, Ariz. native John David Seiberling succeeded in using it to sell a house, the only problem is that it wasn't his house. 

On Oct. 14, a 58-year-old woman called the police after she and her husband were not allowed to enter a home that they had purchased from Seiberling. They told the police that they had given Seiberling a $3,000 check cashier's check as a downpayment, but noticed that the name on the lease belonged to the homeowner. 

When contacted, the owner of the home confirmed that she had most definitely not allowed Seiberling to sell her home online. 

The semi-crafty swindler was arrested and detained on $5,000 bail. 

[via The Daily Dot]