Maybe the NYPD forgot that women are not supposed to be fined or arrested for exposing their breasts in public, as baring the twins has been legal in New York City since a state Court of Appeals decision laid the law down in 1992. However, burlesque dancer Jessica Krigsman was arrested last year for exposing her breasts on a park bench, and now she's fighting back by suing the NYPD. 

Krigsman, 24, says she was approached by a female officer who ordered her to put a shirt on. After telling police that what she was doing has been legal for 20 years, she was told to shut up, forcibly clothed and arrested for obstructing a sitting area. In other words, the typical bullshit arrest. 

The charge was later dropped and Krigsman is seeking damages for battery, assault, malicious prosecution and a violation of her civil rights. 

[via The Daily Intelligencer]