I thought that after yesterday's Parks & Recreation news, we'd reached the ceiling for terrible entertainment news this week. It could only be rivaled by Parks & Rec being canceled, or Community never coming back!

I was wrong. I was oh, so wrong.

In a new interview with Buzzfeed, badass queen and the best part of every American Horror Story season, Jessica Lange dropped this bombshell of info: She only plans to do one more season of AHS before leaving the series for good.

Jessica Lange is halfway into filming Season 3 of American Horror Story and though she’s relishing in her character Fiona Goode’s sleek stilettos, there is an end in sight. “I’ll do one more season,” the actress says of the FX franchise that’s added an Emmy and a Golden Globe to add to her collection, which already included two Oscars. Just a couple of weeks ago, American Horror Story co-creator Ryan Murphy said, “Every year, she says, ‘OK, that’s my last one.’” But after Season 4, Lange will say goodbye to the series for good. “That’ll be it,” she tells BuzzFeed, offering one of her signature confident grins.

This isn't the first time Lange has spoken publicly about leaving AHS—in an interview with Yahoo! TV earlier this month, Lange said pretty much the same thing about her future AHS plans: "No, I'll probably do, maybe...if we do another one, I'll do that, but then...because I'm kind of coming to the end of acting, anyhow."

And this is what happens when you love things. EVERYTHING ENDS. 

If Lange does end up leaving after next season, there is one silver lining: She'll certainly be going out with a great role. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter earlier this month, Murphy revealed a tiny little spoiler about Lange's part in season four of AHS, which she's already signed on to appear in:

What can you say about a potential fourth season?
(Laughs.) I can't say anything. All I'll say is, Jessica Lange has always wanted to play a Marlene Dietrich figure, and now she gets to.

Marlene Dietrich, of course, is one of the most famous film actresses of all time, and appeared in a ton of films between the '20s and '50s—and that's just one part of her career. It's not clear what this means, but, knowing AHS, it's gonna be good.

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