The once idyllic, bromantic world of Entourage has been in turmoil ever since Page Six reported that Adrian Grenier and Jerry Ferrara's demand for more money was chief among the reasons for the long-awaited film's delay. While fans stressed over the disturbing news that Vince and Turtle are laming on the gang—Kevin Connolly, Jeremy Piven and Kevin Dillon are reportedly on board—Doug Ellin has maintained a defeatist stance on Twitter, commenting that the film's prospects are "less and less likely every day."

A couple of days ago Mark Wahlberg fanned the fire when he told TMZ the movie will happen "as soon as [those] guys stop being greedy." Well, Jerry Ferrara is here to tell you, Page Six report be damned, he's not one of those greedy guys. He gave his own update to TMZ, in passing: "Ask Mark, man. I have no info. I know nothing. I'd do it for free." So there you have it. Turtle is, according to Turtle, down for the team. Adrian, what say you?

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[via TMZ]