Here's a fun, random fact to start out your day with: In a new interview with VH1's Very VH1 Spreecast recently, Saturday Night Live star and excellent Jay Z impersonator, Jay Pharoah, revealed that the stage isn't the only place he's brought his impressions to before—not nearly.

When asked if he'd ever been asked to or ever done an impression while being intimate—a.k.a., during sex—Pharoah nods and says yes, before launching into the best explanation ever: "I was about to, uh… explode, and I did Jay-Z’s laugh just so she’d stop, and it worked," he explained. "It messed her up! I was like, 'Ha-ha-ha.' And she was like, 'Oh my god, why’d you do that? Stop playing!'"

Gotta say, the laugh is pretty spot-on too. You can check out the video of Pharoah explaining the incident to host Kate Spencer up above, or head on over to VH1 to check out the full story there. Also worth checking out is Pharoah's entire Spreecast over here, which includes an excellent impersonation of Drake that, as far as we know, Pharoah has not used during sex. 

[via VH1]