Xbox 360 users have known about the 'Red Ring of Death' for years now, and now it looks like iPhone users have their own version: the 'Blue Screen of Death'.

Wow… Second Blue Screen on my iPhone 5S in a bout a week…. Should I be worried?? #Apple

— Brian Walters (@Scott_Knows) October 7, 2013

Users have been reporting that iPhone 5S's have been rebooting automatically and crashing when they are multitasking between apps, resulting in the phone displaying a blue screen, eerily reminiscent to the blue screen that used to pop up in the Windows-based PCs when they crashed (remember that, 90s kids?) So far the problem is iPhone 5S specific, and no iPhone 5C owners have reported the issue. Users are saying that the crashes are regularly occurring while they are using the iWork apps that now come free with all new iOS devices. iPhone 5S owners on Twitter have voiced their frustrations, and Apple hasn't released an update to fix the problem—yet. If you're experiencing the issue, one way to help fix it is by disabling iCloud syncing when using the Pages, Keynote, and Numbers apps. 

Have you run into the BSOD yet? iPhone 5 and 4S users, rejoice!

[via The Verge]