Adapting formerly scary, hideous monsters into sex symbols is all the rage in Hollywood right now, as is completely ignoring classic literary source material in favor of blockbuster entertainment. See: FOX's latest hit series Sleepy Hollow, which re-imagines the nebbish Ichabod Crane as a hunky soldier, and places the Headless Horsemen within the context of the Four Horsemen, and the apocalypse. But while that show has its charms, the trailer for I, Frankenstein just looks all bad.

Aaron Eckhart stars as the classic monster, but he's not under green make-up nor does he have bolts on his neck. Instead, he just looks like Hervis Harvey Dent had a skin graft. (Also, of course he's referred to as Frankenstein and not Frankenstein's monster. Whatever.) Apparently this iteration of the monster wears a badass trench coat, can do super spins in the air, carries cool blades, knows martial arts and is some sought after mythological creature who can, get this, play a significant part in the over-arching battle between humans and other monstrous creatures. Gee, wonder how much this is going to make at the box office?

Bill Nighy and Yvonne Strahovski also star. Check the trailer out for yourself above. The film debuts January 24, 2014.