The HTC One just got a hell of a lot bigger—and it's coming with a few new tricks up its sleeve too.

HTC has just unveiled the HTC One Max, a jumbo sized 5.9-inch phone that outdoes the original One's now "tiny" 4.7-inch screen. It's the company's first true "phablet" phone, but the size isn't all that's changed. Located on the back of the phone is a fingerprint scanner that can be used to unlock the phone. A cool feature HTC has included with this is the ability to quickly open apps at the touch of a different corresponding finger on the scanner (i.e., index finger for Snapchat, pinky for Facebook.) Unfortunately, this is about as far as it goes, as it doesn't seem that users can use their fingerprints as full-on passwords as they can with the iPhone 5. The device's backplate is removable, so users can place in a MicroSD card that can size up to 64GB, but the phone comes in 16GB and 32GB editions otherwise. With all these extra features, it isn't hard to imagine that the phone is heavier than the original, clocking in at 7.65 ounces. The phone still comes with Boom Sound and the features you know and love from the HTC One.

HTC hasn't priced the phone and named a date for availability just yet, but word is it could be later this month.

[via CNET]