Eko Software has dropped a handy trailer for their upcoming zombie survival title, How to Survive.

Now, wait. Before you start muttering under your breath about how the zombie genre is some played out has been, How to Survive is different. If you're going to survive on an island overrun with zombies, you're going to need to change your tactics. Here are some of the strategies Eko suggests:

Keep your character fed and hydrated; a good night's sleep will keep your character well rested; survey the land and scavenge water and medicinal herbs to combat injury; and finally, construct weapons out of found items to create a hyrbidized junkyard arsenal. Turn a rifle into a handgun, or, add a gas tank to make a flamethrower. This actually looks like a zombie game we can get behind.

How to Survive hits Windows PC, Wii U, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on Oct. 23.

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