If you love your job, and what you do daily at that job, we could not be more happy for you. Congratulations. However, if you are part of the 99.3% of people who are largely underwhelmed with their professional station in life then you'll often find yourself trying to do anything but work at your job. Sometimes the idea of doing whatever it is your boss or clients want makes you physically ill. Maybe you have some pressing personal issues you need to deal with. Maybe you just need a mental health day. Maybe you've given up and really don't care about being fired. Whatever your reason, a standard eight-hour day can be difficult to apathetically navigate. After all, eight hours is a long time to not do anything.

So, how do you not get caught? Pitfalls exist everywhere: gossiping co-workers who see everything, bosses making their rounds, urgent emails with your manager CCed. Caution must be exercised. Whether you decided the night before or the morning of to not do anything, the old adage of ""work smarter, not harder"" has never been more appropriate. With a few tweaks to your daily routine, and safeguards put in place, you can float though carelessly at work, giving you free time to shop for new clothes, chat with friends, or even look for a new job. Loafing is an art that can be mastered by anyone. That is why we present to you our guide of How To Get Through A Workday Without Doing Any Work.

Anything worth doing is worth faking. It takes twice twice as long to fake wash your hands after you go to the restroom as it does to actually wash your hands but that doesn't stop us. Still, be careful. Too much of a good thing can be dangerous. Don't push your luck. Know your job's expectations and deadlines. And, most importantly, don't blame us if you get fired.

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