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Claim to fame: 35th President of the United States
Lived: 1917-1963
Also in the crew: Denzel Washington, Tony Bennett, and Jack Nicholson 

Saturday night snapshot: We expect JFK to invite us somewhere exclusive, but he wants us to meet him at the batting cages for "a couple of swings before we go out." We show up, and the guy is smashing screaming line drives up the middle with every hack. The self-assuredness of this dude is palpable. He's all the bravado you'd expect from a guy that cheated on Jackie Kennedy Onassis with Marilyn Monroe. The last pitch of his set comes, he gives a leg kick, and cuts the dimpled ball like a mid-90's slugger on buffalo steroids.

He takes off his helmet and sips a Makers Mark on the rocks. "Gorgeous," he nods to the busty coed at the cash register, "mind grabbing these flutter bums a round of foamers? On my tab, of course." 

"What's the plan, John?" we ask.

"Looney Tunes." he responds.

"Like, Buggs Bunny?" we ask.

"Kind of," he says as he pulls a stamp book of LSD tabs out of his pocket.