How many times have you had to pull over on your bike to check directions on your smartphone? Well, that pesky - and dangerous - hold-up may soon be eliminated thanks to Hammerhead, a new navigation tool designed specifically for cyclists.

Here’s Hammerhead’s proposition: the device clips on to a bike’s handlebars and syncs with a proprietary mapping app to determine your route.  It uses local mapping data to come up with what promises to be the shortest, safest route to your destination. Hammerhead then gives you detailed cycling directions - including turns, distance to turns and destination, and other cues - that are visible on your handlebars through a series of colored lights.

After having managed to raise $190,000 through a crowdfunding effort, the company expects to begin shipping units by June 2014 for $85 apiece. Hammerhead is currently accepting pre-orders through its website.

[via Gizmodo]