Debut title: Final Fantasy VII
Year released: 1997

Hands-down, Sephiroth is the best villain of the entire Final Fantasy franchise. A super-human science project gone wrong, Sephiroth is so calm, calculating and evil that his defeat seems almost impossible for much Final Fantasy VII. Like Cloud, Sephiroth is a former member of the Shinra military division, SOLDIER, but, unlike him, Sephiroth's DNA happens to be infused with that of an extraterrrestrial lifeform who once attempted to take over the world. Needless to say, this doesn't make him the friendliest guy around. The burning of the village, Nilbelheim, will always stand out as one of Sephiroth's most powerful moments, and the killing of Aeris Gainsborough was unforgettably ice-cold. Out of any NPC in the Final Fantasy universe, Sephiroth is the character that every gamer would choose to play as if given the option.