Fernando Pereira Gomes is a photography student at New York’s School of Visual Arts who for his latest project put down his real-life camera and picked up his iFruit phone in Grand Theft Auto V to capture the everyday scenes of the city of Los Santos and the impoverished surrounding Blaine County.

Using the in-game cell phone Gomes captured images that pull us out of the moody violence of gameplay and offer a snapshot of the persistent world happening all around the player. Anyone who’s played GTAV will recognize moments where we just stop and stare at a sunset or rednecks hanging out on old couches in front of gas stations. While the games dichotomy between rich and poor add to the satire of the overall game, individual images certainly mirror real-life conditions in a big way.

Check out the images above for some in-game shots of everyday life in GTAV and peep Fernando Pereira Gomes site to see how closely they sometimes mirror real life and how he brought his artistic style directly into the game.

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