Check out GAMERGRAN87 venting some serious rage at British gas prices in Grand Theft Auto V. Apparently there is been quite a fuss lately in England over price hikes that leave some customer paying 10 to 20-percent more on their home heating bills. In response to consumer outcry a representative of on such company suggested people just switch companies resulting in some seriously pissed-off grannies.

Check out this British Gas Rampage video in all its gory glory. GamerGran87 decided to turn the pain up to gas stop 11 (little bit a British gas humor there for ya’ folks) and kill the crap out of people before lighting them on fire with - very expensive - gas.

Perhaps companies should suggest playing games like this to get out at least some of our anger before calling their customer service lines, might do some good.

“Sorry about the language everyone but I got a letter from British Gas and I had to let my anger out! 20% price hike?! You thieving bastards. Have some of this.” - GAMERGRAN87

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[Via Uproxx]