Feeling a little pissed at the government for shutting down? Let them know how you really feel by calling a member of Congress. Oh, don't know any of their numbers? Don't trip, the website Drunk Dial Congress has you all covered. 

As they explain on their site:

"As Members of Congress quickly returned from their final symbolic, non-effective and otherwise useless votes to avert a government shutdown, the heavy drinking began. Reports of our representatives getting plastered on the government's dime - the one we have left - have come streaming in from witnesses all over Capitol Hill. Now's your chance to tell your Representative what you really think of their actions."

Just input your phone number in the space on their homepage, and you should get a call within a few seconds. You'll then hear a voice come on the line that will tell you all about the fun that comes with telling people your true feelings (when you're drunk), and then you'll be randomly connected to a member of Congress. Are you out of the loop and don't even know our government is failing each and every one of us right now? The site even offers you links to "talking points" so you can brush up on your info, like:

*I can’t watch the panda.

*You had one job to do & you failed!

* How dare you not fund veterans.

And, there's a few drink recipes, too. 

When we input one of our own numbers into the site to give it a try, we didn't get a call back, and instead a "loading" symbol popped up—which probably means the site is getting high traffic right now. Try back later on to see if it works. 

Happy dialing.