There's been a huge black barge sitting in the water off of San Francisco's Treasure Island, and no one knows what it is. But we may not have to look further than Google to find out.

CBS Station KPIX is reporting that the mysterious four-story barge is actually a marketing center for Google Glass, which will be unveiled as we get closer to the product's wide release. Yet, KPIX says that Google hasn't received the permits that it needs to build the floating center, and it isn't guaranteed that the company will indeed be able to lock those in. Whatever construction that was going on at the barge has been stopped until those permits can be granted, and Google will have to show that the marketing center cannot be built on land, and that it is necessary that it be built on water.

“Google has spent millions on this,” an insider close to the San Francisco Bay Conservation and Development Commission told KPIX. “But they can’t park this barge on the waterfront without a permit, and they don’t have one.”

If everything goes as planned, Google plans on towing the barge from Treasure Island to San Francisco’s Fort Mason, where they will anchor it into the Bay and open it up for the public. 

[via CBS]