Google’s determined to put a dent in the massive amounts of piracy that’s indexed through its search engine.

After combing through its latest transparency report, Torrentfreak tallied up just how many DMCA notices Google managed to successfully respond to. According to the report, Google took down an unfathomable 5.3 million purportedly copyright-infringing links during the last week of September, adding up to a record average of nine pirate sites unindexed per second, every second.

In the week between Sept. 23 and Sept. 29, 5,407 copyright owners filed DMCA complaints with Google, which spanned 5,310,080 URLs hosted on 37,413 domains. Unsurprisingly, most of the notices came from music industry bodies, with the British Recorded Music Industry requesting that 1,294,641 URLs be deleted and the Recording Industry Association of America asking that 751,739 allegedly pirate links be removed.

Zippyshare led the charge for the most offending URLs, with more than 830 copyright owners requesting that 922,946 of its hosted links be taken down. Dilandau and BeeMP3 followed closely behind with 918,008 and 698,985 URLs respectively. FilesTube and RapidGator rounded out the top five with 585,338 and 569,580 each. While that may sound like a lot, the upward trend suggests the number of pirate links removed will only continue to balloon.

[via Gizmodo]