Christian Reed is a genius, and we don't just say that because of his connection to MIT. Reed, a member of MIT's Phi Beta Epsilon chapter, has a company called Outsmarting Technologies. Outsmarting technologies has crafted the FBPT™, or the Formidable Beer Pong Table.

"Are you tired of playing beer pong on lame fold up tables?" the genius asks. "Or maybe tired of taking your friends door off the hinges every time you want to play?" If that's the case, the Formidable Beer Bong Table is calling your name:

Some of the many features include
- Dual Automatic Ball Washers
- Gutter Collection system on side to collect run off from table
- Illuminated Lettering and under table illumination
- Six lockable casters making table easily moved by one person
- Fully supported frame capable of withstanding impact of a 215 pounds individual
- Surface oak stained with beautiful waterproofing sealant covered with polyurethane

Watch the video, because the jazz just screams "Let's play beer pong."

[via Gawker]