If you wrote off Deep Fried Masters as just another ridiculous reality show, you might want to take another look, because the Discovery Channel series is actually good. The beauty of it, really, is that it's a skill-based and not exploitative, so we as the audience gets a good look at this world of food-frying competitions at state and county fairs that we normally wouldn't—oil spills and all.

Since it's a skill-based reality series, there is actually some things to be learned from it too—like what foods fry well versus what foods don't, and the fact that selling fair food is actually a lucrative business. Luckily for you all, our friends over at First We Feast took a look at all the lessons about deep fried fair food embedded into the show, and put together this pretty comprehensive list. Want to know what, exactly, fried lemonade is? Look no further.

You can check out the list by heading over to the link below.

What I Learned From Watching Deep Fried Masters

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[via First We Feast]

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