If curiosity is killing you, this website claims to know who died in your house prior to you living there. DiedInHouse.com proudly boasts that it searches all 50 states, then produces a "certified report" detailing people who have passed on within the walls of your dwelling.

A lone search costs $11.99. After you pay for this supernatural intel, be wary that the site does not promise to have "all deaths that have occurred in or at a specific address." Here's the disclaimer, which basically absolves it of responsibility for whatever it does or does not find:

The materials appearing on any Simply Put Solutions, Inc. the creators of Died in House found at www.diedinhouse.com (DIH) web site and/or owned application could include technical, typographical, or photographic errors.

Furthermore, it's "informational use only." Some information is better left unknown.

[via CNET]