Number of episodes: 1
Ratings for debut: 1.4 (6.8 million viewers)
Stars: Blair Underwood, Kenneth Choi, Brent Sexton, Pablo Schreiber, Spencer Grammer, Neal Bledsoe
Premise: Robert Ironside (Blair Underwood) has a problem. A tough member of the NYPD, he's got a problem with crime. Out in these streets solving these crimes, he's got a problem with his colorful cast of supporting cops, as they're never as quick as he is. He's got a problem because his partner accidentally shot him and now he's in a wheelchair, unable to use his legs. 

Prognosis: This show is very bad. The trailer looks like an SNL parody as it attempts to find the cool in a rugged handicapped cop on network TV, and speaking intelligently for a second, that's where the show's problems come from. Like the dopey criminals Ironside runs into, the ones who make fun of his handicap, the show treats the viewer like he or she needs instruction in respecting this cop. And so they go to great lengths to show you that he's still a man, even without the use of his legs. He still bags hotties, still roughs up child molesters, still has piercing insight into the criminal psyche, like a sweaty Vincent D'Onofrio on that Law and Order spinoff that isn't a sports utility vehicle. He's a supercop, but he's also sad-angry about being shot by his partner! Cue the angry exercise montage! Everything about this show happens right on the surface, with nothing you could mistake for depth. During the angry exercise montage, the lyrics of the accompanying song go, "There's a demon inside me/Can I kill it? Hell nah." A crime show that takes the guesswork out of understanding, well, everything, that's no fun.

Note: Ironside debuted on NBC to the lowest ratings ever for a new fall drama. So there's that consolation prize.Ross Scarano