Facebook is tossing out a privacy feature that let users opt out of having their profile name pop up in Graph Search results.

The setting had already been removed for people you didn't already use it, and users who are using it will get a nice little reminder when they sign in that the feature is being phased out. So, now, when someone wants to search "People Who Live in X City," and you live in 'X City', your name is going to appear. Yet Facebook says that only a small percentage of users were even using the "unsearchable" feature—so in other words, this sucks if you happen to be in that small group. The social network says that the feature made Facebook feel broken, and people felt confused when they would look up someone they know personally but couldn't find their name in search results. (Which if that 'small percentage' of people really is that small, I'm sure they'd be able to call up their friend and figure it out, anyway.) Of course, Facebook is reminding you again that the best way to control your profile is by paying attention to the individual privacy settings of the things you share—and it's true. Not everything that can go up on Facebook should, and that seems like the only thing left you can control anymore.

Click here to find out how to limit the visibility of all past posts from Graph Search.

[via The Telegraph]