The holidays always sneak up on you. In a month, it will be Thanksgiving, but if you're traveling for the holidays and haven't purchased a plane ticket yet, you may very well be shit out of luck when it comes to saving money. A TIME article says that years worth of data pooled by sites like CheapAir says the best time to purchase tickets for Thanksgiving or Christmas is 60 to 90 days prior. 

You might catch a sale at some point later during the fall, but the article says information from Airlines Reporting Corp. suggests prices for Thanksgiving travel have increased by over nine percent this year, while prices for travel during the week of Christmas are up by more than seven percent. 

Also, consider that flights are now more crowded than ever, even outside of the holiday season because airlines are trying to make more money by offering less lights and doing away with the more profitable flight routes. 

Remember: when it comes to buying holiday travel tickets, if you're not first, you're last.

[via TIME]