About 16 years after she came out on national television on her ABC series, Ellen, Ellen DeGeneres is returning to sitcoms—this time at NBC. According to Deadline, DeGeneres and former Ellen talk show writer Liz Feldman are teaming up to create a new sitcom for the network that will follow a lesbian woman and her straight male best friend who have a baby together just before he meets his future wife.

It doesn't sound like DeGeneres is actually going to star, but still, this sounds like it could be great—if only because of DeGeneres' own sitcom's cancellation a season after her character revealed she was gay in 1998. To return now with a new series that not only features two openly gay creators (DeGeneres and Feldman), but also a lead character who is gay? It's great.

No word yet on when to expect this series on the air.

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[via Deadline]